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Join Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club Yahoo Group! (MNSPC Yahoo Group)

The Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club Yahoo Group has been created to provide club members a channel to communicate time-sensitive information that could be of interest to other members. This includes information about education opportunities, equipment news and sales, photo opportunities. This moderated group is open to all Mayslake Nature Study & Photography club members in good standing.

  • You must be a current member of Mayslake Nature Study & Photography Club to participate on the Yahoo group.
  • By joining the Yahoo group, each member has the opportunity to:
  • Directly post images
  • Directly post information of interest to other club members.
  • Brainstorm and troubleshoot!
  • Discuss and enjoy photography outside of club meetings.
  • Invite other Club members to join you for an impromptu club outing.

Members of the Yahoo group can either check the site for information or opt to receive email notice of new postings.

There are two ways to join MNSPC Yahoo Group.

#1 Click or copy the link below into your browser.

#2 Email

  • She will send you an invitation to join the group.

Feel free to contact Karin ( if you have any questions.