Although it may seem early to be anticipating the 2017-18 Club year, we will have the following board vacancies effective May 1, 2017.  Please consider contributing to your club.  There are a lot of opportunities, one of them is right for you.  Talk to any of the board members to learn more or express your interest.  Thanks for helping out!

  • Conservation – An easy way to contribute to the club on your own time. Occasionally present brief conservation topics of your choosing at meetings and write small topical article for the Focus.  Help the club, help the planet.
  • Competition Committee Co-Chair – Just four times per year join other members who help run the club competition nights.  This isn’t a big time commitment, but is essential for our club and helps us all grow in our photography.
  • Outings Coordinator – Talk to your friends, find out where they like to shoot and ask if they’d like some company. Hosting an outing is easy, just send out a couple of emails and show up.  The Outings Coordinator will coordinate the schedule, give others a nudge to host an outing and help make it easy for members to show up, shoot and eat.
  • Membership – Socialize at all the meetings, welcome visitors, collect dues and generally promote all the great things about our club to anyone who is interested. If you’re coming to meetings regularly, you’re doing most of this already.
  • President – No expensive campaigning, no boring fundraisers, no airing of dirty laundry…just show up! Barbara makes it look easy, because it is.  She has served as president for two terms, it’s time for someone else to take the reins.  Ask her about it.
  • Secretary – An easy way to support the club while having dinner with friends. The secretary takes minutes at the quarterly board meetings at Jason’s Deli (home of free ice cream!) and types them up afterwards.  That’s the whole role.  It is such a great way to support the club that Fran has done it for 10 years!

Please consider stepping up for one of these board vacancies.  Email Barbara Dunn at if you are interested.


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