It’s time for you to select your favorite images for the “Photo Hunt” slide show which will be held at our Members’ Night on May 1.

Every member can submit up to 12 images, in any combination of  the following categories:


  1. Frost: The main subject of your picture is covered with frost.
  2. Wildlife:  A mosquito or an elephant or anything in between.
  3. Water: A lake, a river, a stream, a puddle, or a drop….
  4. Three: Find a trio – three leaves, three petals, three trees…..
  5. Frozen: Something that has been changed by the coldest weather.
  6. The Season: Fall, Winter, Spring. How do you see the season? Do one, two or all three.
  7. Fall Color: Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy. Landscape or Macro.
  8. Sunrise / Sunset: First Morning or Last Evening light.
  9. Fungus / Mushrooms / Moss: This category is self-explanatory.
  10. Signs of Spring: The first flowers, budding trees, migrating birds.
  11. Abstract: Concentrate on the lines, curves, color, texture of a subject without revealing your subject.
  12. Outside the Box: Try a new lens, a new technique, shoot from up high or down low, put your subject smack dab in the middle. Photograph differently than you normally do.


Images should be in .jpg format and to make emailing easier, not more than 1000 pixels on the longest side.  File names should be formatted as follows – if your image is Fall Color – 7 would be in the first spot of your image name followed by a Title and your name.  The first spot of your image name should always correspond to the category number, ie: 7 Red Leaf Barbara Dunn


Please make the Email Subject title: “Photo Hunt”.  The last date to submit images for the slideshow is April 20. But no need to wait until then!!  Send them anytime to Fran Piepenbrink at